About Lulu Performing Arts

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • World Music
  • Dance

Lulu’s Mandate

Based in the community of Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada, The Lulu Performing Arts Society promotes artistic expression and inquiry through presentation, education, and collaboration.

Lulu is multi-disciplinary, supporting both established and emerging artists who work across a variety of genres, styles and media including classical, jazz, world music, dance, theatre, new media, sound art and alternative spaces.

Lulu is committed to supporting new work, and is a bridge, providing an inclusive framework for both artist and community to fully engage.

  • Theatre
  • New Media
  • Sound Art
  • Alternative


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Board of Directors

Elizabeth Lutz, Admin
Carolyn Bell
John Capon
Phil Haig
Leah Hokanson

Artistic Board

Carolyn Bell
John Capon
Paul Gellman
Phil Haig
Leah Hokanson
Elizabeth Lutz