Saturday, Mar 9, 2024

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Phoenix Auditorium

Lulu is pleased to present African Chamber Music: Zimbabwean and Ghanaian Traditions Reimagined With Strings.

“African music is well-known for its exciting drumming, dances and energy; its quieter and more contemplative characteristics are not as well known. This project aims to change that by presenting said repertoire in a “chamber” setting, utilizing a string quartet as accompanying instruments, and highlighting the voice to expand the notion of African music and how it can be perceived.” – Stir Magazine

Concert will feature Kofi Gbolonyo (voice, percussion), Kurai Mubaiwa (voice, mbira, percussion), Curtis Andrews (percussion, voice), Meredith Bates (violin), Josh Zubot (violin), Sarah Kwok (viola), and Finn Manniche (cello).


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