What Artists are Saying

The success of my show in summer 2017 can be directly attributed to the Lulu team.

Lulu had my back from the start; helping refine my vision, following up with incredible advertising as well as logistic and emotional support. Lulu helped through it all so I could concentrate on the music.


Daniel Petersen


One of my favorite Island destinations!

The venue, the staff, the artistic director, and the sophisticated audience makes it an extraordinary experience for us the musicians.

I look forward to the next opportunity to perform there!

Francois Houle


It’s an extraordinary thing to support a young artist like that, to believe in him, perhaps more than he believes in himself at this point in his development, and to give him an opportunity to shine for an appreciative audience under the banner of an established arts organization. No doubt he’ll remember that experience for a long, long time. So my hat’s off to you for last night and for all Lulu has done over the years to bring quality into our lives.
Victor Anthony